Organize A-Z provides professional custom design solutions to keep you and your space organized,help increase your productivity,reduce your stress,and allow you to take control of your belongings,as opposed to them controlling you

At ORGANIZE A-Z we believe the most chaotic of lifestyles can become balanced through proper organization. This is a vision shared with you through our virtual custom design software. We can relieve your daily stress by designing, building and installing units (whether closet, garage, laundry or pantry systems) to keep you organized. 

Custom Designed Systems will be created to save you time and energy every day. Being organized allows you the freedom to spend time doing the things that bring you joy. Your organized life is a happier life.

Organize A-Z will create a professional custom design for your:

  • Closets

  • Office

  • Garage

  • Pantry

  • Basement/Attic


Create the fantastic space you deserve

Be more efficient & relaxed

Clear your environment to clear your mind

Organize A-Z delivers what we promise! By helping simplify your life, your happiness and satisfaction are ensured..
Call Organize A-Z today to begin the journey to regain control and balance in your life!



- Almost 20 years of design experience with California Closets

- A personal touch and great communication

- All units are custom made for your needs and belongings

- All units are built and installed by local contractors

- Competitive pricing

- Only high quality material and workmanship

- We manage your project from start to completion 

- We deliver what we promise!

- Multiple finishes to suit your aesthetic preference



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Do you think that your closet can’t be organized because it’s too small? Do you get frustrated whenever you walk in to your closet?
The smaller the closet – the more there is to gain! Your life can be made easier and your spaces more functional and beautiful! Having designed closets for more than 25 years, we have seen them in all shapes and sizes…and we love the challenge! You will be taken through a process of uncovering your needs, discussing your preferences and custom designing the space JUST FOR YOU!  You can keep it simple or be made to feel like a queen…either way you will love your space!  Guaranteed!


Do you have a two car garage that fits only one car? Do you have boxes piled up and can’t find anything when you need it? Do you have tools, pieces, parts and stuff creating havoc throughout your garage?

Create and organized garage with the space you need for all your belongings whether they're sporting goods, out of season clothes or bins of Christmas decorations! 20 years of organizing garages will ensure a design that works for you and your lifestyle and create an organized space you will LOVE!


Sure, plain shelves will do the trick but how frustrating is it to look at all that wasted space above your tin cans? Create a system that will incorporate adjustable shelving for all your items. Drawers, baskets or wine racks can also be added if you want to create space for other things.


Whether you work from home or just do homework at your desk, your home office should be a place that feels organized and comfortable. Customize an office space to fit any room and match your existing décor. It can be as simple as adding a wall unit with counter space and filing cabinets or a bigger project, such as free standing pieces to create an executive feel. Whatever your daily needs are, let's design a space to meet them!

Did you know we also do YOUR:

Wall Units

Media Centers


Craft Rooms

Laundry Rooms

And any other storage space you can think of!